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There is hardly a person who hasn’t hiccupped at one time in their lives. When we have hiccups, we give out noises that some people find amusing and funny, while others hate. There also people who can get irritated and start wondering what the person, who has hiccups, has eaten or drank. In most cases. When people eat too much, they start experiencing hiccups, which forces them to wonder as to what caused them in the first place.

The connection between the diaphragm and hiccups

22nmdkjMost of the time, our diaphragm works perfectly and smoothly as it should. When we inhale air, the diaphragm reacts by pulling down and helping us to pull air into our lungs. When we breathe out and exhale, the diaphragm relaxes, and the air flows out of our lungs and through our mouths and nostrils.

However, the diaphragm can sometimes get bothered and pulled down in a rather rough manner. This usually happens when you suddenly inhale some air into your lungs. Due to this sudden and rather forceful rush of air, your voice box will be heavily struck, which in turn, causes hiccups.

What can cause diaphragm irritation and lead to hiccups?

In most cases, drinking or eating too fast can lead to this problem. You can probably remember a large number of instances where you had your favorite food in front of you, or when you were so hungry, that you were just itching to start eating. Well, this is usually the most common cause of hiccups. Eating or drinking too fast can easily overwhelm and irritate the diaphragm. Also, if you irritate your throat or stomach, that can also quickly lead to hiccups.

Mild and severe cases

Most of the time, hiccups do not last for a very long time. They usually last a few minutes, at the most. However, there are cases where hiccups can be much more severe and last for hours, days or even weeks. In these cases, the cause of the problem is of a medical nature, and it requires medical attention. But, these cases are very rare.

Common solutions

If you have hiccups from time to time, the causes are most likely the ones we have already mentioned. Now, you are probably wondering what are some of the most effective ways of dealing with them? You can find the answers by visiting PastEndurance, or by reading the remainder of this article.

Some of the most common methods include the following:
  • 33dkeuotiThe moment you start hiccupping, make sure to drink a lot of water. In most cases, this helps, but there are also people who claim that it doesn’t. It all depends on the person.
  • Try holding your breath for a few seconds, usually between 10 and 20. If this doesn’t stop the hiccups, try holding your breath for at least 30 seconds.
  • Finally, you can try stopping the hiccups by putting some salt on your tongue or sugar under it and drink a glass of warm water with it. Many have confirmed that this is a very effective method.

Preventing common hiccups is not that difficult once you familiarize yourself with some of the most common methods. However, the single best method is preventing them before they occur. If you have a more serious case of hiccups, make sure to get medical help as soon as possible.


If you are in need of selecting a health insurance plan for your family, or yourself, it is very important that you understand the various types that are in existence. Medicare Health Plans come in different options and you need to choose the right one. Do not shop just based on price, but base it on the type of service that will be rendered. When you have knowledge on what to expect from your health insurance plan, you will have the ability to use it more wisely.

Types of health plans

Preferred provider organizationdsfsdfsfsf

This health plan includes a network of medical service providers that you can get medical services from for the lowest cost. You still have an opportunity to be covered if you choose an out of network provider. But it will have to be at a lower level. They are most popular because they are flexible, but are still simple to use. They combine simplicity, flexibility and wide network coverage. These particular plans are popular with consumers and medical providers.

Health maintenance organization plan

To get coverage in this plan, you have to use your network provider. It is simple to use and also provides a very comprehensive coverage. They are not that flexible, but they do work out well for those people who live in areas with a good network of good health care providers.

It is important to remember that, in the above plans, you have exceptions to network coverage rules. For example, you will be able to be covered in non-network emergency services. You will also get other services covered if the plan network does not have a provider available. You are advised, to get non-network or non-emergency services approved by the involved company in advance.

Health Savings account and high deductible health insurance

The above-named plans, combine higher yearly deductible medical plans with tax advantage saving accounts. This is mostly preferred by those individuals who like controlling their spending. And commit to being disciplined savers. The other advantage with this is that; it pays for some medical expenses that most major medical plans do not cover, this is like vision or dental care.

Specific Benefits medical plans

These have the unique feature of covering for a specific injury or illness that are outlined in the policy. They include many different medical services, but some are very specific. For example, you can buy cancer plans or hospitalization plans. They can be purchased to stand alone or provide additional security in case of a major medical case arising. The amount of coverage will be clearly defined in the policy.


Mini-med plans

This one is not meant to be a major health plan, and it will not offer coverage to large medical costs. They are useful, in providing more coverage when combined with high deductible major medical plans. But surprisingly most people buy them as stand-alone policies because of the lower cost and easier underwriting.

Therefore it is upon you to decide which health plan will be the right one for you. But be sure to consider your location, age health, and budget since these factors will affect your decision.

Medical Insurance

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