Physical Therapy

Working in an office leaves you with backaches, headaches, and neck aches. It is never easy. Think I this way, what happens to a patient who had injured any part of the body was undergoing physical therapy but had to come back in the office. It must be hard for them. This article aims at helping patients on how to feel better in that tiresome office environment. Take care of yourself by following the tips below.

Office physical therapy


Research shows that sitting for long can lead to back pains because there is poor blood flow to the leg. To avoid this, stand after some time and move around. Ask your colleges to remind you or set a time to help you remember. Do not wait for breaks to do this, even in the middle of work, get up and walk to the corners and back.

Proper set work station

Office chairs and desks are mostly designed to fit all. To avoid pains, they should be able to be adjusted to fit everyone. The head, neck, shoulders and hands should be in a neutral position.


There are a huge number of stretches the patients can do. Some of them do not even require them to leave their desks. Give them a print out of legs, shoulders, legs and hands. The patients, on the contrary, must cooperate and follow all instructions given if they want to feel better.


Water is important. It has been researched that workers who keep hydrated perform better. Taking more water makes sure that the body gets all it requires for it to function better. Remind your patient never to leave their water bottle behind. If your doctor recommends any of the above to you, be loyal to follow it all day. This is for your good.