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Nurses are among the people humankind should be thankful to. If you have ever been admitted in the hospital sick with no energy if to lift a figure, you must be able to attest that a nurse took good care of you. When we have a sick person home or elderly parents who need someone to take care of, it is better choose a private nurse. They are not voluntaries, they need to be paid. Do not worry about the cash because you assured that your patient will be in the right hands. Before settling for a nurse you should understand that there are vague ones. They are out here to make money through whichever means.

Private Nurse


This is the very first thing you must check. Are they qualified be a nurse. Did they attend a genuine school and graduate with a certificate in nursing? To clear your doubts ask them to come with their certificates. You can as well check if their names appear on the nurse’s database given by the government.

Talk to the patient

A patient must be able to like and cope with the nurse provided. This can be done by asking the nurse to visit before officially staring their work, if the patient likes them, then well and good. If not get back to the drawing board and choose another one


How much is the nurse charging themselves? Pay terms depends on the number of hours they will be present and the condition of the patient. If not using the above to calculate the charges, use a method that you both are comfortable with. Never think cheap when it comes to hiring a nurse. But always make sure to get the best deal. Do get overcharged. In the same note, make sure that the nurse has all equipment’s they want ready. If it is gloves, cotton wool, adult diapers of whatever they might need. Please make it available, it makes their work easier.